The Benefice is a group of five parishes between the river Monnow and the River Wye and close to the Welsh Border.

The parishes:

  • Goodrich & Welsh Bicknor, with the worship centre of St Giles.

  • Marstow, with the worship centre of St Matthew's.

  • Llangarron, with the worship centre of St Deinst's.

  • Llangrove, with the worship centre of Christ Church.

  • Welsh Newton & Llanrothal, with the worship centres of the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Welsh Newton.

  • John the Baptist, Llanrothal: a closed church under the care of the Churches' Conservation Trust where we hold an annual service to celebrate John the Baptist in June each year.

Each church has a different style and pattern of worship


Image of Christian Fish symbol carved into the stonework near the entrance to St Mary's, Welsh Newton